UPDATE: JUNE 2023 !!
For a showing in K-House Gallery in Manchester. So as to better suit the exhibtion space, alongside a year's reflection of the place of Ryebank, I re-edited my graduate film.​​​​​​
I have recorded my exploration of Ryebank Fields, rewilded green space in Chorlton, Manchester.
Manchester Metropolitan University owns the land and plans to sell it to property developers, despite protest from the locals who deeply value and protect the space. With a complex history including its use as an unregistered landfill in the mid 20th century, it has now reflourished into a richly biodiverse area and one of the few green spaces left in central Manchester.
. Learning from the local community and from written reports done on behalf of the university, my film presents encounters with the space that present both the fear and hope for its uncertain future. 
Merging first hand experiences alongside written reports of the land, I compare these methods of research and the importance of emotionally led, sensory approaches to education. Engaging directly with a physical space provides a personal lens through which to understand the value and importance of green spaces for community and wellbeing, rather than focusing on the overwhelming fear from facts and figures as most climate issues culminate into.
The fight still continues! Please support the campaign to save Ryebank Fields if you can. For more information visit:
I had the pleasure of creating an installation space at my degree show at Manchester School of Art, where I brought my work into a physical space to allow physical reactions and immersion to my outcome. I projected my animation onto Polychiffon and 3D printed twigs (whose models were taken from scanned twigs from Ryebank).
I also recorded the processes throughout this project, including the research and experiences that culminated into my final outcome.
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