2023   13-18 June
Uncertain Futures
K-House Gallery, Manchester
"Uncertain Futures responds to the current social and political climate of the UK, in particular the gentrification of the North. Manchester has been the site of rapid development over recent years, causing the displacement of its current inhabitants in the process. Artists Sam Meech and Charlie Black refuse to shy away from these issues, protesting and spreading awareness through their practice. Their works are built on the knowledge and understanding of social issues from within, challenging cultural power structures" - Nia Palmer, Curator

2022   24 September
As part of the new cohort of Green Grads, I presented my work on Ryebank Fields; its metholodolgy and outcome.
London Design Festival - Samsung Experience Space, King's Cross

2022   18 September
Carlton Club, Manchester
"We all live vibrantly within intertwining ecosystems. Every being has this a common encounter. Throughout history these exchanges have been given a spiritual agency. The body of work we are presenting investigates this often referred to as mother nature." - Gypsophila Collective, curators.
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